First Steps Art

Affordable exhibition space for artists


At First Steps we encourage new artists to exhibit their work to a growing audience, with the support of professional and experienced artists. At least one artist per exhibition is new to showing their art, taking their 'first steps'.

Affordable Space

We understand how hard it is to get started and to be a success, so we offer affordable space to each artist, so they can then offer affordable art to our visitors. By keeping our prices low, the artist doesn't have to over inflate their price.

Making it pay

Most exhibiton sales incur a large commission expense. We take little or no commission, so the artist gets to keep more from each sale made. And we also curate the whole event so you don't have to attend unless you want to.

Find out more

Take a look at our Facebook Page to find out more about what we do and where we exhibit. If you want to join us as an artist please do get in touch.